FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does this site work?
      We accept Paypal as a payment method and send an e-Gift Card to your e-mail for the pizza restaurant or store of your choice.  This allows you to use your Paypal funds to get pizza at places that don’t accept it directly.
    • How do e-Gift cards work?
      In most cases, you order online just as you would if you were using a credit card.  At checkout, select the pay with gift card option and enter the code you received. If you are using it in-store, print it out and bring it with you.
    • Do all franchises accept e-Gift cards?
      Most national restaurants are franchised.  As such, it is up to individual franchise owner to accept the corporate gift cards.  Most do – however, you should contact the site you wish to order from specifically before purchasing an e-Gift Card.
    • Dude! Where’s my card?
      When an order is received, a request for confirmation is sent to the primary e-mail associated with the PayPal account used to pay (usually the one originally created, NOT a secondary one you have added.) Make sure you click the link in this e-mail – your order won’t be processed until you do. If you’ve already done that and still don’t see your e-gift card, check your SPAM folder. Recent updates to Gmail often place the email in the “Promotions” tab.
    • Why isn’t the verification link working?
      Usually this is because your are clicking the link from a different device and/or connection from that which you placed the order. Please verify from the same device and connection your ordered from. It can also be caused by proxy settings or software – disable these.  Note: Many mobile devices (especially At&t) come set to default use of a proxy. You can disable this in your settings.
    • What about refunds?
      If you have not received the card code, we will refund the cost of the card if a request is made within 7 days of purchase.  However, if you have clicked the link in the e-mail from the merchant and the egift card was sent, it is no longer eligible for a refund.
    • In what countries are these e-Gift Cards valid?
      Unfortunately, the vendors only offer ecards valid in United States locations. We’d love to serve our Canadian friends! We promise, if they make it possible, we’ll offer them!
    • Why was my order declined?
      A third party handles our security, checking 87 different points against public and private databases, merchant blacklists, proxy lists and port, our own information, and more. While we do not always know the exact reason(s) an order may fail, use of a proxy, VPN, or other cloaking software will always deem an order declined. Failed identity verification also causes failure. Make sure your name, address, and phone number are all correct and current. Please note: Adblock Plus will also cause an order to be denied.
    • Are you affiliated with PayPal or the restaurants and stores?
      Nope! We are simply providing a third party service for those whose money is tied up when they want to use at places which don’t accept PayPal. Why? We’ve been there!
    • Why do the cards cost more than the value they hold?
      As the original and most trusted provider of this service, we do everything we can to keep fees low – that’s why ours are the lowest available! PayPal charges the merchant (us) a flat rate plus percentage for each transaction. We also incur expenses to operate our service.
    • Why isn’ t my verification working?
      You must verify from the same connection from which you ordered. Detection of a proxy or other masking software will also cause verification to be unsuccessful. Please note: many AT&T phones come with a default setting to use a proxy. To verify from such a device, you need to find and de-select the Use Proxy setting. Otherwise, verify via a different device.

Did this FAQ answer your question? We hope so, but if not, please feel free to contact us.