About US

pizza PayPalOnce upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away (from the food industry keeping up with technology) was a couple.  This couple spent a good deal of time on-line; playing games, shopping, blogging – you get the idea.

One evening, the geeky girl wanted pizza.  Her geeky partner agreed.  They had plenty of money in Paypal, but not so much in their checking account. PayPal for pizza was clearly the answer.

Much to their dismay, internet searching yielded no pizza places that accepted Paypal!

It was a sad, sad, pizza-less evening for them. Shortly thereafter, PayPizzaPal was born. The young couple made it their mission to save other Paypal users, so none would have to endure a pizza-less night again!

 Their happy customers asked again and again if they would offer this service for other restaurants and stores.  They listened, and added their service for a greater variety of sites and stores! Now anyone can buy almost anything with Paypal, and the couple lived happily ever after.

 The End